myself wrote:

> We want to allow plug-ins to register an icon together with their menu 
> entry and I'd prefer this solution over trying to create an icon 
> automatically. 

I'm sorry, I hadn't looked close enough. Of course this is essentially
what you did. I was under the impression you had managed to create the
icons automatically by applying the respective filter to the wilber

We should consider using GParam and GParamSpecs as defined in GObject
for an overhaul of the Gimp plug-in protocol. This needs some serious
thoughts and discussions so we get it right and we should definitely 
consider extendending the plug-in registration to allow for menu icons 
when we do this. At the moment, the Gimp core is under heavy 
development, so I'd like to delay the implementation a little so we 
don't break everything at the same time, but it might be a good time 
to start to think about it...

Salut, Sven
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