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> so, who is the user agent, gimp or the gimp? the file system layer is part of
> the gimp, for sure.

Hello? The FS or a web or a ftp server is the "Server" conceptually.
The UA (gimp) loads the whole Document (a file maybe containing
multiple images) and interprets the fragment identifier locally --
according to the type of the document.

This is more or less for what fragment ids where invented in the first

There is also not more than on # needed.

The uri would only clash if there are UAs who already  have some
widely accepted meaning for a fragment id in e.g. an animated
gif. There are none. And if there were, I suppose it's quite probable
that they would use the FID much the same way and not for
e.g. addressing a coordinate in the image (or any other random stupid
thing one could think of)


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