On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 01:54:53PM +0200, Raphael Quinet wrote:
> If we want to avoid 404 errors from the web servers, we could decide
> to use "#" instead of "/" as a separator between the real file name
> and the extra path to the image.  I initially thought about this and
> then rejected the idea later because local files can have a "#" in
> their name, but this should not be a problem if the Gimp always starts
> by trying to open the local file with the full path (if no protocol is
> specified) and then tries a second time without the part that follows
> the crosshatch sign.

That creates an equivalent problem to your original one. If you really
want gimp-devel to believe that you routinely load remote WAD files
from HTTP then I'm going to have to ask that they also believe that users
routinely create files called foo.wad#Q/S_SKY1


Further, this problem is actually blocking your original proposal for
users being able to save their Doom textures back into the WAD. With
the wad:// URI scheme and associated interactive browser we can make
this work seamlessly but with your #fragment solution it becomes
harder to make it work at all without second guessing the user.


Raph, don't let me stop you if you're sure this is the Right Thing,
but maybe you should consider bolting Doom itself into Gimp, so that
we can just use weapons/ tools to retexture things from inside the
game and see the results instantly? :)

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