On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 06:52:39PM +0100, Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That creates an equivalent problem to your original one. If you really
> want gimp-devel to believe that you routinely load remote WAD files
> from HTTP then I'm going to have to ask that they also believe that users
> routinely create files called foo.wad#Q/S_SKY1

Well, gimp should not work "routinely" only (at the moment it does with
respect to the plug-in api, and everybody agrees that this is a bug that
will be fixed eventually).

Also, invention does not come from limiting ourselves to the common case.

otherwise i think out-of-band information might be better in the end. or use
fragment identifiers ina sensible way.

I also think that uri's and the user interface should be seperated, i.e.
the user should rarely be bothered to enter plain uris, as most people
don't understand the rather complex syntax (most html writers don't,
for example, so i don't epxect gimp users to do). so there must be some
translation layer between user input and internal paths. which in essence
means we are not limited to uri's that look nice, but can implement the
right thing.

> users being able to save their Doom textures back into the WAD. With
> the wad:// URI scheme and associated interactive browser we can make

The wad uri scheme sounds backwards to me. like file uris, there is no
inbuilt access method available for wads. (i mean, this looks like gif://
jpeg:// and so on).

> Raph, don't let me stop you if you're sure this is the Right Thing,
> but maybe you should consider bolting Doom itself into Gimp, so that
> we can just use weapons/ tools to retexture things from inside the
> game and see the results instantly? :)

;) at least we should loudly think about the issues. i mean, nobody talks
about the enw gimp core, or... so let's discuss the _really_ important
topics ;)

(I must admit i am quite picky about uri/url/protocol issues since they
bite me every day).

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