This is gimp-print version 4.1.99a3, the third alpha release leading
up to the 4.2 stable release.  This release is not 4.2.

The package may be downloaded from

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers.  The support for printers in GhostScript and CUPS is
identical to the support for these printers in the Print plugin --
they use the identical code base.  Please read src/ghost/README and
src/cups/README for more information on this.

These release notes primarily describe changes visible to the end
user.  Detailed descriptions of changes may be found in the ChangeLog.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.99a3 contains the following changes over 4.1.99a2:

1) The arguments to the Ghostscript `stp' driver have changed
   incompatibly.  Please read src/ghost/README for updates.

2) The CUPS driver cleanly aborts printing if an active job is removed
   from the queue.  It may take up to 30 seconds or so for the printer
   to stop printing, but the job will terminate cleanly, leaving the
   printer in a sane state.

3) The Epson Stylus Color, Stylus Color 400, Stylus Color 500, Stylus
   Color Pro XL, and Stylus Color 1500 print correctly again.

4) A crash or other errors involving Lexmark printers in some
   circumstances is fixed.  See bug 447865.

5) The CUPS driver generates PPD files in all of the supported
   languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish).  These
   PPD files have not been fully translated at the present time.  The
   new PPD files are not compatible with any previous release of the
   CUPS driver, and vice versa.

6) Major quality and positioning improvements on the Epson Stylus
   Color 480, 580, C20, and C40 printers.  The Stylus Color 480 does
   not print at 720 DPI in black and white and grayscale (it feeds
   paper), although the C40UX does.  It is not currently known whether
   this is a flaw with the printer model, the sample printer under
   test, or the library.  See bugs 440253 and 450205.

7) The escputil command now returns ink levels and status more
   reliably, particularly for USB-connected printers.

8) LaserJet printers now have a sensible default for InputSlot (media

9) LaserJet printers support additional media sizes.

10) Initial support for the HP DesignJet 750 (wide carriage printer).

11) The Epson driver will now allow page lengths greater than 44" for
   certain printers (primarily the Stylus Color 760 and newer).

12) Improvements for 6 pl Epson Stylus printers (Stylus Color 670 and
   740, and Stylus Photo 720, 750, and 1200).  The improvements will
   take the form of better color accuracy and less ink use.  The
   improvements should be noticeable at 720 DPI and substantial at
   1440x720 (which is now smoother).  4 pl printers will exhibit
   better color accuracy and less ink use at 720 DPI.

13) The Stylus Photo 780/785/790/895, 890, and 1280/1290 should now
   print to very close to the margins on all sides.  The bottom of the
   page may have a very small margin left (less than 1 mm).  See bug

14) A new 360 DPI unidirectional mode was added for modern Epson
   Stylus printers.

15) The Epson Stylus Color 980 should print with better density.

16) A new test program, testpattern, is available in the test
   directory.  This program uses the 16-bit raw CMYK input.  In
   addition to demonstrating use of 16-bit raw CMYK, this program is
   also an example of how to use the libgimpprint API.

The following known limitations exist in Gimp-Print 4.1.99-a3:

1) The Epson Stylus C40UX (and very likely other printers in the C20
   and C40 lines) do not identify themselves.  Therefore,

   escputil -u -d

   will not return anything useful.

2) The "align color" (-o) command to escputil does not currently work
   on the printers that should support it (Epson Stylus Color 480 and
   580, and C20SX, C20UX, C40SX, and C40UX).  We hope to fix this
   before release of 4.2.

3) Changing ink cartridges on the Epson Stylus Color 480/580 will not
   be supported in at least initial 4.2 releases.  This project
   appears to be somewhat more complicated and riskier than previously
   believed.  The cartridge can be changed by hand by unplugging and
   plugging in the printer.  During the initial cleaning cycle, the
   heads will move to the left.  When the head is in position, quickly
   unplug the printer.  The head will slide easily into positions that
   allow changing the cartridge.  WARNING: this may damage the printer
   over the long term; be careful!

4) The drivers for the Epson Stylus Pro printers (5000, 5500, 7000,
   7500, 9000, 9500, and 10000) are not tested or tuned.  It is quite
   possible that they work, but it is unlikely that they produce
   optimum output.
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