> I haven't looked at the script, but if we want to support "Layer
> we need to define what layer effects are and need a proposal of how they
> could be implemented.

The Layer Effects command create various layers (child layer)
on the parent layer which has alpha channel. The child layers
affects the parent layer based on parent's transparency.
There are some layer effects e.g. Drop Shadow, Outer Glow,
Bevel and Emboss, Pattern Overlay, etc. It's quite simple
effects, but common effects.

<Parent layer>
  |- Drop Shadow layer
  |- Inner Bevel layer
  |- Satin layer
  L  <and other children layer>

The Layer Effects dialog controls the children layer. In this dialog,
I can add or remove any effects, and change the effect parameters.
So it is necessary to regenerate the children layer without
deleting or changing any layers.


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