[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-08-27 at 0021.59 -0700):
> xwd: Warning. Error in XWD-color-structure (flag)
> xwd: EOF encountered on reading
> xwd: load_image (xwd): XWD-file /root/.gimp/tmp/gimp_temp.277523.xwd has
> format 2, depth 24
> and bits per pixel 24.
> Currently this is not supported.
> This message was generated attempting to capture glxgears using Gimp (xwd).

I used my script to capture it, it worked, but gears lost speed for 10
secs (first message always gives low speed, then it goes up, when I
used the script, I lost like 30% for two messages, then back to full
speed, each message cover 5 secs).

> What do you suppose it means?

Reading problems, as Sven says. My script uses xwdtopnm as first step
of conversion.

> Capturing motion video windows is really flakey with xwd. Usually it fails,
> but sometimes it doesn't. It seems to be influenced by what other windows
> are being displayed.

I tried video, and I got a blue image... fun. I run with depth 24 and
fbbpp 32, so I guess this has something to do about it, cos when
moving the video window, I get blue areas (I am still discovering the
nice and bad things of the new driver for my card).

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