On 29 Aug 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:

> > and IMO they should look like:
> >
> > ##
> >   ##
> >     #
> >      ##
> >        ##
> >          #
> >           ##
> >             ##
> >
> IMO what they should look like is:
>  #
>   #
>    #
>     #
>      #
>       #
>        #
> essentally what we do when drawing lines is we move the brush along
> the line and draw points in equal distances. If the point does not
> fall exactly on the pixel grid, it gets wider. This is bad and thin
> lines drawn with the pencil really look akward. A possible solution
> would be to implement the pencil tool totally different from the
> paintbrush. Instead of drawing brush pixmaps onto the canvas at
> equidistant spots along the line as the paintbrush does, the pencil
> tool could use a real line-drawing algorithm (Bresenham). This would
> imply that our brushes couldn't be used with the pencil tool any
> longer since this algorithm would only work for rounded or square
> pencil tips (or am I wrong here?).

The problem with the 'placing overlapping brush pixmaps' approach is
only really obvious at very narrow line widths.

IMHO, the pencil tool should be left alone for consistancies' sake
and there should be a new tool to deal with the very special case
of drawing single-pixel-wide hard-edged lines.

This hypothetical gadget could use Bresenham's algorithm or something
like that because it wouldn't *NEED* to deal with pixmaps and need only
hit pixels dead-on.

> I really like this idea since the
> old functionality of the pencil tool could be easily implemented in
> the paintbrush (all we'd have to do is to add a "Hard edge" option
> like the Eraser has) and having a real line-drawing tool would be a
> major benefit.

Yes. That would work.

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