> IMHO, the pencil tool should be left alone for consistancies' sake
> and there should be a new tool to deal with the very special case
> of drawing single-pixel-wide hard-edged lines.
> This hypothetical gadget could use Bresenham's algorithm or something
> like that because it wouldn't *NEED* to deal with pixmaps and need only
> hit pixels dead-on.
> > I really like this idea since the
> > old functionality of the pencil tool could be easily implemented in
> > the paintbrush (all we'd have to do is to add a "Hard edge" option
> > like the Eraser has) and having a real line-drawing tool would be a
> > major benefit.
> Yes. That would work.

If you make a new line tool, which would be awesome by itself, it would
also eliminate the repetitive stupid questions on gimp-user and #gimp
about "how do i draw a straight line"

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