"Rebecca J. Walter" wrote:
> it might be useful if the color to alpha filter could a) interact with
> the color picker or b) pull the information about the image background
> from the color tool stuff and use that as the color to replace.  it isnt
> easy for a lot of users to select the color in the color selector
> without being able to pull that from the image.
> i just told a user how to use color picker to get the color code and
> enter that in the selector.  it works, but it would be nicer if this
> tool were more user-friendly.

I tried this:

Open image
Select Filters->color-to-alpha, popup appears
Select color picker, another popup appears
Get colour from image, it shows up in the color picker popup
Drag the colour to the color-to-alpha popup
Select OK

You can also drag'n'drop colours from palettes and the Gimp main window.

Is that what you mean, or do I misunderstand the problem?

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