Thomas Canty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1. The coding standard specfies that tabs are not to be used, however
> tabs are used throughout the source code. Why is this?

because we haven't yet eliminated them all? The coding standard describes
how we would like new code to look like and we appreciate any effort to
convert existing code to this standard.

> 2. I have tried using 'indent' to indent the code according to the
> coding standards, however this does not produce satisfactory results. (i
> have tried various options including the standard GNU style)

it would be very nice if indent would create satisfactory results, but
it seems it doesn't. Sometimes 'indent --gnu' is a good start but the 
code needs a lot of finetuning by hand afterwards.

> What's the best way to make the code comply with the coding standards? 

use the standard emacs settings and add the following line to your 
.emacs to suppress insertion of tabs:

  (setq c-mode-common-hook '(lambda () (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)))

> Here is a patch which replaces some depreciated GDK functions,
> Okay to commit?,

looks good to me, go ahead.

Salut, Sven
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