Apologies if this has been asked on the list before,
but I have searched the topic lines of the list
archive and the Kernel Traffic Gimp news thingies
to no avail.

I'm currently writing a frontend to the PostgreSQL
and mySQL database engines that uses GTK+ as the
GUI toolkit. I want to include a help system, and
in terms of features the Gimp one is ideal for my
purposes. Has anyone looked at packaging the
helpbrowser module for non-Gimp applications?

I would email the helpbrowser writer/maintainer
directly, but I can't find who's responsible for

I'm assuming that to use it away from the Gimp
would currently require some dependency on the
Gimp support libraries, the GtkXmHTML library
and a bit of dlopen() magic. These are things
I'm happy to live with if it doesn't mean
writing my own help system from scratch.

I don't want to upgrade my app to a full Gnome
one, as I use computers that are a bit slow
when running the Gnome environment. Plus I
don't really rate the current Gnome help browser.

Any technical hints or pointers on previous
attempts to do this would be greatly
appreciatted, as I'm am currently reading the
code - and it's not as simple an undertaking
as I hoped!

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