Here's my hit list for 4.2.  Does anyone else have anything they'd
like to add to this, or any comments?  I'd like to load these into the
tracker somehow.  If you disagree with the priority, please speak up

I) Outright problems that we need to either fix or consciously waive
for 4.2 (potential stoppers).

   1) Clean up the i18n for the print plugin (Roger?).  I consider
      this a stopper because the Gimp is one of our major users, and
      we need our release to play with that.

   2) Fix up/i18n the tooltips (I'm going to do that this week).  It's
      less clear what the impact of this one is.

   3) Fix the HP glossy paper problem (Dave?).  Is the right fix to
      "alias" glossy paper to something else?  This has been a thorn
      in our side for a while.

   4) Complete the I18n on the CUPS (Mike, Roger?).

   5) Fix the Canon BJC-8200/S800.  Andy has told me that he cannot do
      this without a printer, and he either needs a printer or someone
      else with a printer who's willing to dig in.  Any volunteers out
      there?  This is another long-running thorn.

   6) Test and tune some of the large format (Stylus Pro series) Epson
      printers.  This one's a bit borderline, since there probably
      aren't a whole lot of people out there who really want this
      right now, but this is potentially flagship functionality.  The
      reason I'm concerned about it prior to release is that there are
      some untested code paths, and we may potentially have to change
      the logic around or change some of the resolution options.  I'd
      really, REALLY hate to be talking about doing this after
      release.  In addition, the Stylus Pro 10000 is a variable drop
      size printer; we may have to support two different printer
      definitions, one for pigment ink and one for dye ink.

   7) Determine that the Stylus Color, Stylus Color 1520, and other
      very old printers do the right thing with the default resolution
      in both color and black & white.  Mike, can you test this?  This
      would represent a regression if it's broken.

II) Things that may well be stoppers, but I don't have as much

   1) Figuring out how the color head alignment works, and on what
      Epson Stylus printers it applies.  Should this one be a stopper?
      This will certainly affect more people than the Stylus Pro
      printers, but it's not likely to be absolutely mandatory
      functionality.  Then again, for really critical, high quality
      stuff, maybe it is.  I'm talking with the Epson folks about it,
      but a lot of people have been on vacation lately, and I'm not
      sure where this is.  Perhaps someone running Windows could
      reverse engineer the remote mode command that prints the color
      head alignment page.

   2) Documentation.  Consensus seems to be that we're doing much
      better than we were last time, but it's still not great.
      Potential stopper?  What are we missing?

   3) Human factor analysis (and cleanup, and???) on the Gimp plugin.
      This is completely beyond my abilities.  Mitch, Sven, can you
      help us out here?

III) Things that we really should fix if we can, but that won't stop
the release.

   1) Tune the Stylus Photo 2000P.  Nothing at all has happened here
      since 4.0.  We haven't received any complaints about it, and I
      don't think that this printer sells all that well.  This one's
      not a stopper by any stretch of the imagination since it's
      simply a matter of tuning the inkset.  If it turns out to be
      more involved (which I think is unlikely) we can decide what to
      do then.

   2) Tune the 2880x720 Epson printers.  It may be possible to get
      slightly better print quality on those machines; if we can, that
      would be mildly useful to a lot of people.  If we can get an
      improvement, it's going to be in the dark midtones, by using
      smaller dots.  The quality may be high enough already that we
      don't need to worry.

   3) Determine if there's some hidden way of using all the nozzles to
      print in black and white at 720 and 1440x720 DPI on the Stylus
      Color 480 and 580.  This affects a lot of people; the workaround
      is to print at a lower resolution (720x360), or to accept that
      printing at 720 DPI, even in black and white, will be very slow
      (as slow as printing in color on those already slow machines).
      I'm working this with Epson.

IV) Things that would be really nice to have, but aren't essential.

   1) Determine how to make the printer ID command work on the C20/C40
      printers.  I'm working this one with Epson also; there may
      simply be no workaround.

   2) Figure out how to embed non-printing information in the header
      of a print job.  I'm working this one with Epson.  The idea is
      that we can put the driver version, printer model, and such in
      the file header, and then tell people to run parse-escp2 as part
      of filing a bug report.

V) Things that are entirely off the table for now, but that we want
to do next time around.

   1) Cartridge changing on the Stylus 480/580.

   2) Support for duplex printing on Epson Stylus Photo 890 and some

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