The GIMP currently does something a bit peculiar - it calls 
gdk_get_use_xshm() and then passes the values it gets from this
to plugins, which call gdk_set_use_xshm().

I suppose the reasoning here is to propagate the command line
--no-xshm to each plugin. If GTK+ is autodetecting the value of
gdk_use_xshm, as it normally does, then the plugins could
do that themselves just as well.

What I'd like to do is one or more of:

 - Make gdk_set/get_use_xshm() correspond exactly to the command
   line option, instead of a mix of the command line option
   and what has been autodetected so far.
 - Deprecate gdk_set/get_use_xshm().

 - Remove the --no-xshm command line option

I believe that the problems that --no-xshm was added to deal
with have most or all been fixed now and represented bugs in
the GTK+ shm code. It really makes little sense to me to
have a command line option to enable a bug workaround ...

I doubt people want to type gimp --no-xshm all the time, so
I suspect that if we needed a way of enabling a workaround
for this, as an environment variable would make more sense.

Do people use this command line option? Is my understanding
of what the GIMP is doing correct?

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