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   Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 14:20:14 -0400

   Robert L Krawitz wrote:
   > ...
   >    4) Complete the I18n on the CUPS (Mike, Roger?).

   I'm working this right now; the only changes I've made to Roger's
   stuff so far is to translate the words "English" and "ISOLatin1"
   instead of "LanguageLevel" and "LanguageVersion", since that will
   work best when gettext is disabled.


   >    6) Test and tune some of the large format (Stylus Pro series) Epson
   >       printers.  This one's a bit borderline, since there probably

   Right now I can test the 5500 and 7500 driver.  My 9000 is busted,
   and we haven't ordered out 10000 yet (will be soon, tho!)

Thanks!  Much appreciated.

   >    7) Determine that the Stylus Color, Stylus Color 1520, and other
   >       very old printers do the right thing with the default resolution
   >       in both color and black & white.  Mike, can you test this?  This
   >       would represent a regression if it's broken.

   I will *try* to do this, however there is a lot of other (paying :)
   stuff I have to work before this...  Testing is a big time vacuum.

It certainly is.  Unfortunately, the alternative is worse.

   >    1) Tune the Stylus Photo 2000P.  Nothing at all has happened here
   >       since 4.0.  We haven't received any complaints about it, and I
   >       don't think that this printer sells all that well.  This one's
   >       not a stopper by any stretch of the imagination since it's
   >       simply a matter of tuning the inkset.  If it turns out to be
   >       more involved (which I think is unlikely) we can decide what to
   >       do then.

   I haven't done anything on this since I added support for the
   printer before; what we do here directly applies to the 5500 and
   10000, since they share the same (2-level) support and inks.

Hmm.  I thought the 10000 was 3-level and the 5500 was 1-level???
Maybe not.

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