On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 02:20:14PM -0400, Michael Sweet wrote:
> Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> > ...
> >    4) Complete the I18n on the CUPS (Mike, Roger?).
> I'm working this right now; the only changes I've made to Roger's
> stuff so far is to translate the words "English" and "ISOLatin1"
> instead of "LanguageLevel" and "LanguageVersion", since that will
> work best when gettext is disabled.

You could just do this:

if (strncmp ("LanguageEncoding", _("LanguageEncoding"), \
    strlen("LanguageEncoding")) == 0)
   LanguageEncoding = "ISOLatin1";
   LanguageEncoding = _("LanguageEncoding");

This has the benefit of being a distinctive string.  After all, translating
"English", or "ISOLatin1" is not very intuitive.  I think that if you were
alse to put some comment like
/* Specify translation encoding e.g. ISOLatin1 */ or
/* Specify language of translation */
it should be seen by xgettext and merged into the po file, to give a hint
to translators as to what is expected by way of translation.  I have
added similar omments to genppd.c.

The `key' for translation should be unambiguous, and I would like to make
the above change, if you agree with it.

Another thing I found while testing is that there is an error in
src/cups/Makefile.am.  genppd is run both when building, and *twice*
during make install.  I can't see why.
all-local: $(INSTALL_DATA_LOCAL_DEPS)  [build dependency]
install-data-local: $(INSTALL_DATA_LOCAL_DEPS)  [install dependency]
A file ppd-stamp is created so that the ppd-stamp rule is only run
once, so I can't see why this occurs because ppd-stamp is not
deleted AFAICS.


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