Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 17:28:34 +0100
   From: Roger Leigh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Another thing I found while testing is that there is an error in
   src/cups/  genppd is run both when building, and *twice*
   during make install.  I can't see why.
   all-local: $(INSTALL_DATA_LOCAL_DEPS)  [build dependency]
   install-data-local: $(INSTALL_DATA_LOCAL_DEPS)  [install dependency]
   A file ppd-stamp is created so that the ppd-stamp rule is only run
   once, so I can't see why this occurs because ppd-stamp is not
   deleted AFAICS.

Mike and I discussed this last night; he will fix it today.  This is
the problem:

ppd-stamp: genppd catalog
        rm -rf catalog
        touch ppd-stamp

ppd-stamp depends upon catalog, but catalog is removed by the actions
for the rule.  This guarantees that the rule will fire every time.

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