David Odin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   OK. I've attached a similar patch for the gif plugin. It does
> basically the same thing as my patch for the jpeg plugin (replacing a
> GtkText by a GtkTextView/GtkTextBuffer couple).
>   I've two question about this plugin:
>    - why gifload and gif are kept separated, when, for most image
>      formats, the loader and the saver is in the same plugin?
>    - the code of gif.c looks unmaintained, and rather dirty (lots of
>      code commented out, define for "FACEHUGGERS", no real copyright
>      notice, etc.) Who is the current maintainer?

as stated in PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS Adam D. Moss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> maintains
the gif plug-ins. He should be able to tell you why he chose two 
separate plug-ins (licensing?!). Oh, and yes, Adam has this very special 
british humour that makes his code fun to read...

Salut, Sven
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