NunoACHenriques ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>       Where can I find documentation about the Script-fu-server protocol?
>       Sorry if this is an off-topic post but I couldn't find the Protocol
> anywhere and my problem is:
>       I run the gimp-script-fu-server (Gimp 1.2.1 for Linux) and I have a C
> program that opens a TCP socket to it (port 10008). I get connected but when
> I send a simple command like "(set! x)" the server shutdown the socket?!...
> :-( What am I doing wrong?

Uh - does this still work? It has been a long time since i made some
experiments with this...

IIRC you basically have to encode the size of the request in (one? two?)
bytes and prefix this to the command...

However, you have to read the source to get some information on that...

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