On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 09:51:05AM +1000, Steven Goodwin wrote:
> This is a patch and long-winded README for the targa file format plugin
> (tga.c).  It simply checks the value of the extension area offset before
> reading it from file.  An offset value of 0 means that no extension area
> exists in the file.  The area should not be read in this case otherwise it 
> will cause problems (read: crash) on files that are  smaller than the 495
> bytes of the extension area (of a version 2.0 targa file).

I'm fairly sure I applied an equivalent fix to either the branch or HEAD.
I thought I'd applied it to both, but if people are sending us patches
then I guess I didn't.

Yup, I've checked, I did fix this on the branch. HEAD isn't my problem,
since I don't have any systems where I could test it before checking in.

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