new releases in the development series of glib, Pango, Atk and GTK+ 
have appeared on the FTP servers. I have just committed a bunch of 
changes for The GIMP so that the HEAD branch compiles against these 
releases. Actually it now requires these releases to build 
successfully. In particular you need


You will also need to have libtiff, libpng, freetype2 and pkgconfig
installed before installing the packages mentioned above. We will 
try our best to keep the HEAD branch of The GIMP compatible with 
these releases for a while (preferably at least until a new version 
of GTK+ is released). 

A lot of stuff in The GIMP is broken at the moment (most noteably 
the Text Tool), but it is nevertheless a good moment to give it a
try. We consider doing a 1.3.0 release as soon as some of the 
outstanding issues are solved, but I do hereby encourage the brave 
and curious among you to install the packages mentioned above and 
check gimp HEAD out of CVS. Any feedback and especially any help
is very much appreciated.

Salut, Sven
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