Linux Today linked to an article about the growing acceptance of 
Linux in Hollywood (meaning: Linux being used by film production 
companies). Apparently Shrek was made for a large part using Linux 

There is a small mention of the GIMP:

: Hammerhead has ported its tools to Linux and uses Linux 
: RenderMan. Partner Thad Beier says, "We use GIMP, which 
: is unique among Linux open source tools for being supported 
: by companies in the industry, such as Rhythm & Hues and 
: Silicon Grail." GIMP, an image editor with features 
: similar to Photoshop, provides 16-bit per channel 
: support (64-bit RGBA). It is an example of the leverage 
: obtained by building on someone else's existing open 
: source code.

branko collin
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