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> No, as you say, a header file is probably the easiest solution,

Actually if there was an XML parser this would be the simplest solution.
It is just that we'd need a parser and I haven't evaluated the GMarkup
part of the new glib yet.

> there is probably no need for XML as there are no attributes etc.

If you use XML for texts like tips or dialogparts then attributes
are being used for specifying the language the text is in.

A tip might look like this:
<tip lang="de">Niemals GIMP schließen</tip>
<tip lang="en">Never close the GIMP</tip>

DIA for instance uses something alike to implement modular extensions
to the graph set.

It's a lot more versatile then the header approach with my lovely
friend gettext since the information is not spread over several
files which need to be generated, compiled and installed. If we had
more tips we could even categorize them.

Actually using XML would also solve a part of the "how do we localise
plugins that are not part of the distribution" problem and might lead
to a leaner core distribution and an intelligent repository which is
a really cool thing. Back when we implemented the first round of the
now active stuff this techniques were not available for consideration
and thus we ended with the kludgy solution.  


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