On 21 Oct 2001, at 17:12, marcoghidinelli wrote:

> create new file, check 'Use GdynText' in text option,
> insert text in the new file, add a layer mask in the GDynText layer,
> and after a couple of change of orientation degree gimp blocks.
> i'm outside of the list.


Next time try to hang out in #gimp just a little bit longer. 
Sometimes it takes half an hour for somebody to answer your question.

The correct place to enter your bugs is bugzilla.gnome.org. Failling 
that, a mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] is also permitted. Do not forget to 
mention version number of the GIMP and the platform you tried it on.

You can also use Bugzilla to check if a bug already exists.

I do not seem to be able to recreate this one under WinGIMP 1.2.0 


branko collin
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