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>I am trying to install gimp on Freebsd 4.4, but I am not having much luck.
>I installed the the png, jpeg, and tiff libraries.  But configure cannot
>seem to find them.  png.h, jpeglib.h, and tiffio.h are all in
>/usr/local/include.  I belive configure only checks /usr/include, but I
>don't know how to tell it to look there.

The configure script is generated from a source file called `'
(or `') by a program called autoconf.  Any configure script
generated by autoconf uses a number of environment variables to control
build behavior.  The primary ones you need to be concerned about are:

        CC       - controls the C compiler you wish to use
        CPPFLAGS - controls any flags you want passed to the C preprocessor
        CFLAGS   - any flags you want passed to the compiler itself.
        LDFLAGS  - any flags you want passed to the linker.

Gimp doesn't use them, but there's also

        CXX      - used to select the C++ compiler you wish to use
        CXXFLAGS - any flags you want passed to the compiler itself.

In your case, assuming you're using a Bourne-compatible shell (which
would include bash and even `ash') you could do


and then run the configure script.  If you're trying to do this in a
directory where you've already tried to configure a package once, be sure
you first (before re-running configure) do

        make distclean

or at least

        rm config.cache config.log config.status


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