Mozilla is organising Bug Week (see 
SW>). This is an event in which people who have been interested in 
hacking Mozilla, but felt they lacked the experience or the skill to 
do that, will be guided for a week by experienced Mozilla hackers 
through the steps of tracking down and fixing a bug, and committing 
that bug fix.

This I write not to coax away the much needed GIMP developers to for a week. :-)

Rather, I like this idea of involving fringe developers and other 
interested parties. Is there such a thing we could do for GIMP 
development?* How would such a developer event look like and when 
would be the best time to organise it?

*) I am not necessarily advocating that we do a bug week -- as the 
Mozilla press review points out, a large number of people who would 
normally not thought of themselves as 'developer material' apparently 
can be involved with the Mozilla bug week because the UI of the 
browser is coded in relatively 'easy' languages such as XML and 

branko collin
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