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> > *) I am not necessarily advocating that we do a bug week -- as the 
> > Mozilla press review points out, a large number of people who would 
> > normally not thought of themselves as 'developer material' apparently 
> > can be involved with the Mozilla bug week because the UI of the 
> > browser is coded in relatively 'easy' languages such as XML and 
> > JavaScript.
> Something more like the Evolution bug days would be better for GIMP I
> think.  But I think it would be better to wait until 1.3 is useable. 
> Then perhaps we should do some bug day like things to get it ready for
> release as 1.4

could you explain us what the "Evolution bug days" are?

As you said, that kind of bug-hunting doesn't make much sense in the 
development branch at the moment, but then there's still the stable
branch and a few people are having a hard time trying to adminstrate
the bug-reports for that. We want to get 1.2.3 out pretty soon now 
and I think we can need any helping hands. So, if you are eager to do
Gimp bug days (or whatever you want to call it), there's a lot to 
do for you.

Here's something to get you started (don't we all love those bugzilla 


Salut, Sven
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