I have used the gimp quite a lot to retouch old photographs. I save the 
original image and then use the clone tool in an image that has a single 

The other day I was showing the difference old/new and a little light was 
turned on:

- If we have only one image with two layers this job might be much easier. 

The original image is the background and there is a transparent layer with 
the corrections. 

This would solve the common problem of having a correction that after all I 
dislike, but was made a few operations back, which cannot be undone without 
undoing everything in between. 

Using the two layers if there is a region where I dislike the correction I 
can just erase it and start over.

But there are (at least) two problems:

- when doing detailed cloning from the original image switching layers to 
select the origin/destination is a complete mess of <PgUp><Ctrl Left 
Click><PgUp><Left Click>...

- The cloning tool gets the image from a layer, but most of the times the 
"restorer" is looking at the final result. It will happen quite often that an 
unretouched part of the image is used as the source, when in fact the person 
that selects the origin is interested in cloning from the currently visible 

Thus two questions:

- would it be interesting to have an option in the clone tool that allows to 
select which layer is used as source and as destination?

- would it be interesting (possible ?) to have the "currently visible image" 
as one of the sources for the cloning tool?

Another question: I think that I read somewhere that there was the intention 
of having read-only layers. Is this wishful thinking?

Best regards

Ze Paulo
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