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> Hi,
> Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Thus two questions:
> >
> > - would it be interesting to have an option in the clone tool that allows
> > to select which layer is used as source and as destination?
> >
> > - would it be interesting (possible ?) to have the "currently visible
> > image" as one of the sources for the cloning tool?
> both are interesting to have and should be relatively easy to implement.
> If you are eager to write a patch, consider doing one for the HEAD branch
> of gimp. In any way you should file a bug-report marked as enhancement
> so we don't forget about this idea.

Regarding the first question I had a look at clone.c and it seemed easy. I 
can try to prepare a patch, but I am sure that I will fail (at least) all the 
coding rules regarding local/global variables. Is there a "code book" or is 
it better to start with little modifications that after being posted can be 

Regarding the second I saw the function "clone_set_src_drawable" on clone.c 
and in my ignorance I could not tell what to use for the "currently visible 
image". Can you give me a clue? It would save me the job o reading a few 
lines of code.


Ze Paulo
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