Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Regarding the first question I had a look at clone.c and it seemed easy. I 
> can try to prepare a patch, but I am sure that I will fail (at least) all the 
> coding rules regarding local/global variables. Is there a "code book" or is 
> it better to start with little modifications that after being posted can be 
> adjusted?

the file in gimp HEAD to look at is app/tools/gimpclonetool.c. The tools
in gimp HEAD have already seen some cleanup, so it should be easier to do
the change there. If you insist on coding on the 1.2 branch, we can of 
course port your changes later. You should know however that we will not 
accept your change for a 1.2 release.

> Regarding the second I saw the function "clone_set_src_drawable" on clone.c 
> and in my ignorance I could not tell what to use for the "currently visible 
> image". Can you give me a clue? It would save me the job o reading a few 
> lines of code.

you can get access to the projection of the image by calling 
gimp_image_projection(). It will return a TileManager that you can use to
access individual tiles of the image projection.

Salut, Sven
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