> > On the other hand, using the first alternative, the choice of the source may 
> > be used for other tools (e.g. to cut and paste from layer A to layer B, we 
> > work on layer B, setting the source on layer A and it would not be necessary 
> > to switch layers).
> If you can come up with an intuitive way that doesn't clobber the layers
> dialog, we should consider such a thing, but IMO your approach of having
> toggle buttons in the layers dialog will confuse most people.

Not that I know anything, but being typical user type, perhaps it would
be useful to be in the tool options for the clone tool.  A select clone
source drop box with options like current layer and a list of other
layers in the image.  With current layer as the default. Could it also
be done to allow cloning from another image?

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