Linux Mandrake 8.1 beta 3 ,  kv 2.4.8-19mdk
Gimp v 1.2.2
gtk v 1.2.10

Printer : Lexmark Z52
Print spooling Programme : CUPS
Print queue 1.01(usingKDE 2.2.1pre)
Foomatic+gimp-print  or , cups+gimp-print v4.1.99-b1

My abovementioned gimp version does not create printfiles.

I right-mouse click the picture image and sellect `Print'

In the print window , I sellect settings,

In settings window , I sellect ,  `Postscript 2 '  and lpr ,as usual,
in order to connect with cups etc.

click OK,

Nothing happens,  there is no number crunching  from the hard drive  ,
and no printfile appears in the spooling queue.  everything completely dead.

I don't believe Gimp is attempting even to create a printfile.

Can you help me

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