On 11 Nov 2001, at 18:36, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-11-11 at 1641.25 +0100):

> > There's good documentation of both PhotoShop formats and of Catmull
> > Rom splines to be found on the net. 
> If you find any that works, tell us, I guess a poll of links would be
> nice. I tried to search the AMP thing, got pointed to Adobe SDK in its
> FTP, and it seems that the files are not there.

Hello Guillermo,

For Catmul-Rom splines, search Google for 'Catmul Rom'.

The PS 6.0 File Format Specification can be found here:


I am not sure what you mean with 'works'. What does a specification 
do if it works?

branko collin
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