> On 15 Nov, R.I.P. Deaddog wrote:
> >     A tooltip talking about brush sizes in gimpressionist was mentioning
> > "direction" instead. Is the attached diff OK to commit? Wanna confirm,
> > since gimp 1.2.3 releasing date should be close(?).
> Not sure someone answered this mail yet. With 1.2.x we're in a stable
> version that should change as few as possible. Problem is: If we change
> the string now all the former translations of it will become useless 
> and the translators will have to catch up which will take some time.

the real problem is: is the change correct? I didn't find it obviously
correct from looking at the patch and haven't found time yet to verify
it. It would help if plug-in authors would continue to maintain their
source but obviously that is not the case for most plug-ins. Have you
contacted the maintainer for this plug-in at all?

If the change is correct, it should of course go into 1.2 since it's
a bugfix then.

> Though this might be as well checked in since other famous persons don't
> give a sh*t and also do it.... :/

I do give a shit and inform the translators about the changes in time so 
they can update their translations. Now, go and have your language checked.

Salut, Sven
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