On Don, 2001-09-27 at 04:41, Eric Kidd wrote:

> Feedback welcome.  Share and enjoy!

I like it. If nobody objects I'll check this in. 

Originally I was about to rewrite most of the paint-funcs
though I have now 2 problems which makes it more likely
that I'll revert my old work and start with something completely
- Reiserfs crashed on my development partition and took all the
  changes I had made to it which are not in CVS with it; this
  are roughly 40h work (coding + analysis). :( Though the code
  was certainly not ready for checkin it is really a big step
  away from what we have now.
- I have a much better idea now which is probably easier to implement
  and avoids codeduplication to a large degree and thus is less

If it is okay with everyone I'll scratch the new files I created in CVS
and start from the ground up. Sven, Mitch?


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