On 24 Oct 2001, at 22:18, Sven Neumann wrote:
> "Rebecca J. Walter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > *) I am not necessarily advocating that we do a bug week -- as the
> > > Mozilla press review points out, a large number of people who
> > > would normally not thought of themselves as 'developer material'
> > > apparently can be involved with the Mozilla bug week because the
> > > UI of the browser is coded in relatively 'easy' languages such as
> > > XML and JavaScript.
> > 
> > Something more like the Evolution bug days would be better for GIMP
> > I think.  But I think it would be better to wait until 1.3 is
> > useable. Then perhaps we should do some bug day like things to get
> > it ready for release as 1.4
> could you explain us what the "Evolution bug days" are?
> As you said, that kind of bug-hunting doesn't make much sense in the
> development branch at the moment, but then there's still the stable
> branch and a few people are having a hard time trying to adminstrate
> the bug-reports for that. We want to get 1.2.3 out pretty soon now and
> I think we can need any helping hands. So, if you are eager to do Gimp
> bug days (or whatever you want to call it), there's a lot to do for
> you.

Let me repeat that I was not talking about bugs (and their 
destruction), but about community involvment. Mozilla translates 
community involvement to for instance Bug Week, but it could of 
course be anything. People had high expectations of The New Netscape 
years and years ago, and if all that is between these people and a 
release 1.0 are bugs, then a bug week makes sense. It may help people 
feel they're involved with Mozilla again. 

However, GIMP is not Mozilla and I was not trying to copy Bug Week 
from Mozilla, but rather was trying to see if more community 
involvement would be good for the GIMP (I think it may be) and how 
such community involvement could be given shape.

>From what I understand, talk along these or other lines has taken 
place on the IRC channel #gimp and Rebecca and Carol have come up 
with the idea of letting users create a GIMP tarot card set. Perhaps 
they could talk some more about that idea. 

Are there any other such ideas that have been floating around?

branko collin
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