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/me edits out the innocent ...

> Let me repeat that I was not talking about bugs (and their 
> destruction), but about community involvment. Mozilla translates 
> community involvement to for instance Bug Week, but it could of 
> course be anything. People had high expectations of The New Netscape 
> years and years ago, and if all that is between these people and a 
> release 1.0 are bugs, then a bug week makes sense. It may help people 
> feel they're involved with Mozilla again. 
> However, GIMP is not Mozilla and I was not trying to copy Bug Week 
> from Mozilla, but rather was trying to see if more community 
> involvement would be good for the GIMP (I think it may be) and how 
> such community involvement could be given shape.
What about a Wilberean Fest?

> >From what I understand, talk along these or other lines has taken 
> place on the IRC channel #gimp and Rebecca and Carol have come up 
> with the idea of letting users create a GIMP tarot card set. Perhaps 
> they could talk some more about that idea. 
If we were to have a Wilberean Fest, I would like to spend about one
solid hour of this time pummeling Branko about the head and shoulders.

That being said, I will put together the very little we have done with
this and send it through on and email entitled The Wilberean Deck so
those who are not interested will know to avoid it.

Personally, I don't have much time to consult the tarot, (I don't check
the stock market either) but i cannot help but love the imagery.  There 
is only one gpl'ed tarot deck that I know of, it would be nice to have a 
second one and Wilber just might be dynamic enough to fill a 72 card 
deck with images and symbols.

> Are there any other such ideas that have been floating around?
There is enough talent in the dusty halls of GIMP development for a
brass band ...

> -- 
> branko collin


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