On Tuesday 27 November 2001 13:10, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> I can imagine professional use of a program without any of these
> things these days (the font stuff is most likely to be an issue).  A
> lot of printers that get professional use have Mac/Windows drivers
> that take exclusively RGB data.  A more serious issue is the lack of
> color matching, so that there's no guarantee that what shows on the
> screen will match what's on the page.

Yes, but then we're still talking about printers here. The colour posters I 
designed were printed as well (on a "digital press" as they called it, which 
from what I gather is just an industrial strength printer), but that only 
goes up to A3, and the colours aren't that good (especially the orang bits 
came out a bit faded). All the other stuff my university printed for the 
anniversary was four-colour printed, which means CMYK. The website at 
http://www.bobs.co.uk/print/4colourProcess.html suggests that most stuff is 
CMYK too.

Anyway, we're getting off-topic here. Perhaps I was wrong and CMYK isn't that 
important as you can always convert to it from RGB in Photoshop. But then you 
still need to have Photoshop. Colour matching is a problem anyway, because 
you'd need to tune your monitor as well. With xgamma and the gimp-print 
drivers I managed to match my monitor and printed output reasonably well, 
perhaps good enough for an amateur like me, but I guess a professional would 
like WYSIWYG colour-wise.

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