On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Avi Bercovich wrote:
 > eh.... I work as a webdesigner in an Amsterdam based 'top tier' New
 > Media company. I do little in the way of print graphics thus this may be
 > a bit off-topic... But, all my work is done in GNU/Linux in GIMP, whilst
 > my co-workers use Macs and photoshop 5.x/6.x. The _one_ thing with we
 > find to be a hassle wrt. GIMP is the fact that we can't share documents
 > painlessly. There is a psd-save hack for GIMP, but the hack only saves
 > in psd 4.0 and doesn't keep text layers dynamic. The Best Thing(tm) that
 > could happen for us, is that a PHOTOSHOP plug-in be released that can
 > read xcf into photoshop.
 > CMYK, halftoning etc. would be nice indeed, but possibly a Photoshop xcf
 > plugin might be easier?

But who would write it?  One of the goals of many Gimp developers is
to create a useful image manipulation so that people do not _need_ to
use Photoshop (or other proprietary programs).  Writing an XCF plugin
for Photoshop would certainly by nice for some users, but is probably
not on the top priority of any Gimp developer.

Regarding dynamic text layers, there would still be a probem even if
someone wrote an XCF plugin for Photoshop.  In Photoshop, these layers
would not be visible as text layers anyway, because text is handled in
a very different way in both programs, so the dynamic text created in
one program could not be edited with the other one.  At best, the
meta-information (gimp parasite) generated by the dynamic text plug-in
could be hidden somewhere in Photoshop so that it would be preserved
if the XCF file is saved again by Photoshop, but the results would
probably not be very useful.


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