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> Please send me what will happen when I want to use Gimp for somthing I
> made up and want to sell. I make 3D animations and I would like to
> sometimes use Gimp for that purpose. Do I need to register or do I
> have to have some licencion? Please send me answer or email adress for
> someone who can answer me If you can.

The original art you create with GIMP is completely yours. If you 
incorporate art that is made by others, then you should contact these 
others for a license (assuming this incorporation does not constitute 
fair use or whatever your country's copyright laws allow).

GIMP's license is the GNU General Public License, which is notorious 
in that does not concern itself with use, only with distribution and 
modification (of the software that is). In most countries except the 
USA, copyright law does not concern itself with use and therefore 
even if a license talks about how you are allowed to use a certain 
program, it has no legal value. 


branko collin
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