On 29 Nov 2001, at 23:12, Thomas RIBO wrote:

> I'm a poor newbie trying to code a plugin for the Gimp, but I'm 
> encountering some problems: I don't really understand all kind of
> things I did but finally succeeded to compile and install my plugin.
> The problem is that it is disabled in the menu.
> 1) I'm not sure this is the good place to ask this question, but it
> seemed to before I read the last 10 messages ;-) 
> 2) If this is more
> easy for you to reply in seeing/compiling my code (commented out in
> french, sorry), you can find it here :
> http://tharibo.free.fr/GIMP/isodata.tar.gz

I am not sure if I understand your code correctly (I am even more of  
a newby), but your code seems to only work on grayscale images. Did 
you make sure your image was grayscale before you tested your plug-in 
on it? 

branko collin
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