some time in the last couple of weeks, i upgraded gimp from
ximian and now i get hard hangs on gimp-1.2.2-ximian.
i kind of suspect it is not gimp's fault, but some other
library like gtk or something, but then the rest of gnome
and all apps work fine as usual, so maybe it is the gimp...

this is the failure mode:

  - gimp starts fine if started with no image as parameter
  - it hangs at the precise moment of displaying the image,
    after opening it.
  - when it hangs, i can see this via strace

        $ strace -p 25643
        brk(0x880f000)                          = 0x880f000
        brk(0x8810000)                          = 0x8810000
        brk(0x8811000)                          = 0x8811000
        brk(0x8812000)                          = 0x8812000
        brk(0x8813000)                          = 0x8813000
        brk(0x8814000)                          = 0x8814000

    and so forth, eating all avaialble memory ... gimp windows are
    unresponsive and do not even redraw anything.
  - when i press ctrl-c to kill it, a window of the size of the image
    just loaded briefly pops up (without showing the image, just the frame
    plus whatever was on the screen when it came up), then, it quickly finishes.

  - in another situation, i open gimp, i proceed to scan an image from a remote
    scanner via sane, all normal, then, when i try saving it, it saves the image
    just fine .... and it hangs. an strace reveals nothing much happens,
    and after a few seconds, i get this:

        bash$ strace -p 26003
        brk(0x8a32000)                          = 0x8a32000
        brk(0x8a33000)                          = 0x8a33000
        brk(0x8a34000)                          = 0x8a34000
        brk(0x8a35000)                          = 0x8a35000
        brk(0x8a36000)                          = 0x8a36000
        brk(0x8a37000)                          = 0x8a37000
        brk(0x8a38000)                          = 0x8a38000
        brk(0x8a39000)                          = 0x8a39000
        brk(0x8a3a000)                          = 0x8a3a000

    interestingly, the image is *always* saved properly in whatever format i chose,
    thus the hang occurs in between the time the image is finished saving and the
    time gimp comes back to the "main loop" that handles events.

when i press ctrl-c on a hang, i get this:

/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/script-fu terminated: Interrupt
gimp terminated: Interrupt

my best guess is that i have updated via ximian some library that gimp depends on
and that library is broken. but i do not think that the problem lies in some other
gtk or gnome library, because otherwise other applications that use the generally
available libraries in gnome would also falter.

because i use a redhat 6.2 with a slightly older glibc (due to major constraints)
i recompiled the gimp-1.2.2-ximian.2 rpm to make sure i am in the proper binary
compatibility (thought i have not had any problems with the glibc version i have with
any other apps), and the bug is still there....

i have also tried to identify whether it had to do blocking on shared memory, but
that does not seem to be the case.

as you can tell, hard hangs that are in libraries are very frustrating
and hard to track down. any ideas what things to hunt down?

many thanks in advance!

ps: cc me on replies, since i am not subscribed in the list.
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