David Odin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   To me, it looks like until the release of the first 2.0 version of
> GTK+, it would be more logical to sync CVS gimp with CVS
> glib-atk-pango-gtk+. So, please apply.

it's a major burden for some of us with a slow internet connection, so
we will try with a compromise: Dave Neary has just checked the patch
I've sent into CVS and added a few explaining words to the HACKING file.
So pure gimp HEAD is supposed to compile against the latest releases
and those of you that update gtk+ and friends regularily should apply
the patch and try not to commit the changes. At least not until the 
next gtk+ release is out...

> Anyhow, the GTK+ API should be frozen real soon now, no ?

it doesn't change much and that's why we think this is a reasonable
approach that will not cause too much trouble.

Salut, Sven
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