Am Fre, 2001-10-12 um 06.36 schrieb 1002861364:

> Running Gimp 1.2.2 on a current Debian/unstable system
> (the exact packages is gimp1.2_1.2.2-2_i386.deb), a wierd bug
> keeps cropping up.  That is, using the crop tool with the crop info window
> closed, the Gimp just hangs for 10 seconds with the mouse grabbed.
> Then it beeps once, pops up the info window, and cropping can continue.

Not that it mattered but this doesn't look like a GIMP bug. Since the
stacktrace only shows only gtk functions the only bug I can imgine is
a wrong setup of the caller functions. However I have troubles
reproducing it on a SuSE system (not yet released 7.3 PPC) and on
my selfcompiled version.


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