Hi all,

Following on from the prof/Sven thread elsewhere, someone
suggested that someone should start a thread to allow all the
current developers to send a mail stating the stuff which they're
currently working on, how they're doing, etc.

That someone (the second one, not the first) is me.

So I've been pretty quiet for several months now, and I recently
nailed my flag to the mast, picked somethign from the TODO and
started working on it. It's the Image metadata object item, which
grew out of a desire to get the data out of the EXIF image format
used in digital cameras and view it.

The progress to date has been to get some existing code (from
gphoto2) which reads the exif header data nicely, and get that
working with the gimp's jpeg plugin. So far I'm reading the data,
it's in a structure, it's getting dumped in the plugin, but I
haven't passed it back to the main GIMP app.

I plan to write some kind of GimPImageMetadata object which will
expand on the stuff that EXIF can hold, and to have the ability
to create/edit/save the metadata separate to/along with the image
(kind of like a thumbnail) where the image format doesn't support
metadata, or in the image where it does. I reckon I'll probably
work on that over the course of the next month or so (I only
really get a few hours gimptime a week).

As a matter of interest, does anyone have any ideas beyond "use a
parasite, or a number of parasites" on how I can pass the data
between the gimp and the plugins? All the image save and load
functions should be able to see it, whether they use it or not is
up to them. Also, beyond the data fields supported by EXIF, are
there other metadata fields that people would like to see?


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