On Wed, 04 Dec 2001, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
 > I am getting these things a LOT on debian/ppc machine running Xfree 4.1
 > and the debian gimp packages. The symptoms are as follows: at some
 > point, seems to be related to undo, Save, Save As etc get grayed out
 > from the menus. I also get the following on the terminal. This time it
 > also segfaulted, so I caught a backtrace, it is at the very end.

There are currently two bug reports that might be related to your
problem, although yours seems different enough that it would probably
need a new bug report.

This is a real bug (confirmed) that is still affecting the current
version.  It happens when you open a file from the command line and
try to open another file using File->Open while the first one is still
loading.  After this, the entries in the File menu are disabled.

This is a bug reported recently by Carol that I haven't been able to
reproduce.  According to her, trying to save a file in a directory in
which the Gimp has no write permission causes the Gimp to permanently
disable the Save options.


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