We were just having a small discussion on irc that really should be
discussed here, so I will get it started.

Overall, the script and plug-in collection need to be cleaned up.  

First, it needs to be determined what plug-ins still have active
maintainers.  If someone out there is bored, it would be a good idea to
go through all the plug-ins and contact the listed maintainer to see if
they plan to continue maintaining the plug-in.  Things will need to be
adapted for 1.3 at some point, but Sven will provide information when it
is time.  But first we need to know what is being maintained.

This person should then post a list of plug-ins with active maintainers
and those without.  Hopefully then other people will step in to take
maintainer responsibility for the useful ones.  I think most plug-ins
without a maintainer will definitely be dropped from the 1.3 release.
(How can we release a plug-in as part of the standard GIMP release when
no one is willing to maintain it?)

Plug-ins probably also need to be grouped into smaller pieces, probably
in terms of use. (people who use plug-in z probably also want plug-in
y).  This will increase the burden of release, but make things available
in smaller pieces for people with less space or who want less to

All the various scripts need to be evaluated as well.  How useful are
all those logo scripts, for example?  A lot of them are not very
user-friendly and offering too many options can overwhelm a new user. 
Perhaps they should be released as a separate "logo-scripts" package.

The main thing is to get active maintainers.  There are two few
developers working on the main gimp release to handle all the plug-ins
too.  Also some docs will be needed to help the plug-in maintainers work
with the updated GIMP core.  We need someone with hacking skills to work
on that.  I can write, but code is gibberish to me.

So this is just to get the serious discussion rolling.

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