At 14:11 17.12.01 -0700, Nathan C Summers wrote:
>On 17 Dec 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Nathan C Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > Some horrible kludge could also be dreamed up involving GTKPlugs.  That 
>> > would move the windowing system dependance down to the GDK level, but 
>> > would also make things ineligant, and it would be difficult to get it to 
>> > work in all cases, especially with an unreliable plug-in.
>> GtkPlug is an X11-only thing just as GtkSocket; it is not implemented
>> on any other platform that GDK has been ported to.
>Oh yes, I remember that now.  After I rejected GtkPlug I forgot all the 
>reasons why.  :)
>I'm disapointed they didn't make it more windowing system agnostic.  
>Windows, at least, is perfectly capible of something like 
There is some slowly rotting patch to implement them at least
on Windows, but my priority to force it's inclusion isn't
very high. Partly because of the lack of a real use case
and partly because of additional cross-platform requirements
mentioned in the thread


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