Hi all,

Since I'm going to be home over the Christmas, and will be
computerless for a while soon after Christmas, here's this months
bug list a week or so early (something to do after the turkey if
you like) :)

Some of these were on here last month and are still open. I've
added a few new ones to spice things up. But that doesn't mean
the old ones are closed. The bug list I'm using to generate these
is at

Which is a bit long, but hopefully will appear as justr a link
for all you HTML mail client users out there, and won't annoy the
rest of ye too much.

And now for the bugs...

A couple of unconfirmed new ones first...
67005   UNCO    saved previews have BAD rights
    Kind of an RFC - previews and thumbnails of images are saved
    with permissions of the umask, when the image itself is more
    restrictive. The submitter believes that the permissions
    should be as restrictive as the original image.

63402   UNCO    erronous BMP format, when save
    BMP metadata doesn't get saved properly under some
    circumstances. The submitter believes that the size might be
    getting rounded up to the nearest multiple of 8. 

62313   NEW     zooming fails on super-wide images
    An interesting one - if an image is opened to a state where
    the zoom is at 0%, then zooming in/out doesn't work. It works
    partially under some circumstances. Cool bug.

35489   NEW     crop tool doesn't always change canvas size -
                problems with undo and Ctrl
    This bug is still open from last month. I haven't had a look 
    myself (I probably should put my money where my mouth is), but 
    it looks like it would be fairly accessible. 

34849   NEW     initial_sub_region:: error :: src->w *
                (src->bytes + 1) > 512
    This is a pretty old bug, and one of a pair of duplicates in
    the list. It'd be pretty cool if someone could close this by
    verifying that it's gone away, or by pointing bex in the
    direction of a less dramatic error message if it's not

22567   NEW     window size confused after un-doing resize
                (attempt to allocate height 65097)
    Another one that got reported last month. Still not sure how
    this *should* be fixed, but it should.

10368   NEW     gap_problem 
    When an image is split into frames, with large images & large
    numbers of frames, gimp crashes. Looks like a straight memory

Have a good Christmas all, happy bugfixing :)


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