Tor Lillqvist wrote:

>>I REALLY REALLY need a plugin that mimics the "Contact Sheet 2" plugin 
>>for photoshop.  The Gimp is awesome, fills a lot of my requirements, but 
>>without the plug/script I still need photoshop.
> Do you use the GIMP on Windows? Is "Contact Sheet 2" a filter plug-in
> (and not Format, Automation, or umm, don't remember the other types)?
> In that case there is good news: I recently wrote a GIMP plug-in
> called "pspi" that runs Photoshop plug-ins. (Only Filter type
> plug-ins, i.e. *.8BF files.) Check the
> page tomorrow for new zipfiles
> of GIMP 1.2.3 for Windows, which should include this plug-in. Don't
> hesitate to ask me more how to use it.
> Pspi seems to work OK with most 3rd party Photoshop plug-ins I have
> thrown at it. It does not work with the Adobe plug-ins included with
> Photoshop itself which is expected, I guess. These use undocumented
> interfaces or something. (Hmm, isn't that a bit the same tactics that
> Microsoft is accused of using? Nah, not really, Photoshop isn't an
> operating system and its plug-ins aren't freestanding applications,
> Adobe has no obligation to make sure its plug-ins run with competing
> Photoshop-compatible programs.).
> --tml

AFRGH!!!  Just typed a MASSIVE response to this and my windoze box just 
froze...  sigh....


Thanks for the reply Tor,
I'd like to thank you again for the Windows port.  I have to use windows 
because my graphics applications haven't been ported to linux or 
anywhere else yet and without you, we'd be GIMPLESS, so thanks  :)

I'd like to talk a bit about this "Contact Sheet" and see if anyone on 
the list has any comments.

Firstly, I guess it could be a plugin inside Photoshop.  It would make 
sence for it to be plugged.

Also, I'd like to go over what it does for those that don't know of it 
and I'd like to know if you all think it can be done with scripting in GIMP.

Here's the lowdown:

1-Select Contact Sheet
2-Dialogue appears asking various options:
  a- directory/folder containing images to be placed on the contact sheet
  b- resolution of the contact sheet to be made
  c- dpi of the contact sheet to be made
  d- # of rows and columns in the contact sheet
  e- on/off for font option (this is whether or not you want the 
filename under the image, and if you do, the font choices)

That's about it, you hit create and it grabs the files, one at a time 
from the chosen directory, shrinks them into thumbnails and places them 
on the contact sheet according to the number of rows and colums.

The number of rows/columns combined with the res/dpi of the sheet 
dictates the size of the individual thumbs.

If there are more images that can fit on one contact sheet, it simply 
creates more and more until all the images are "contacted"  :)

I think that is a pretty thorough description of what happens...

So, can this be done in the GIMP?
Can it be scripted or is that too complicated a procedure?

Please excuse my ignorance as to the capabilities of the scripting 
abilities (and programmer skill) involved...

I'd really appreciate it if someone could either make this function, or, 
in the meantime, I'll try and find out if it's a plug in Photoshop (and 
hopefully a .8BF so I can use Tor's new functionality)

Thanks List,

Robert Starr
-Anilusion Films

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